9 Great Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Lovers

Great Craft Beer Gifts for Friends

Have a friend who loves their IPAs? Is the only way to shut them up to give them... more beer? Check out these 9 great gifts for when you want to get your craft beer loving friend something to highlight their drinking obsession.

Beer Varieties Pop Chart

Beer varieties Pop Chart

This informative print details 89 varieties of beer with over 200 representative examples - it's perfect for the know-it-all to become an even bigger one. Comes in a few different colors and framing options. See if your friend can name all the different types of beer on this chart!

Price: $40 for unframed print

Craft Beer Cookbook


Drinking on an empty stomach can only lead to bad things. Help your friend whip up some delicious foods to cook with their beer selection with this Craft Beer Cookbook. Recipes come from breweries, brewpubs and other beer lovers across the United States so you know they're good with beer.

Price: $14.03

Personalized Beer Glass


If your friend is weirdly obsessed with pilsners, get them this personalized pilsner glass with their initials on it so they can express to the world how important beer is to them.

Price: 18.99

Craft Beer Enthusiast T-Shirt

Sometimes you really need a shirt that let’s the world know what you’re about. And if your friend is a craft beer drinker, they probably already would love another way to tell the world about their obsession. Made from high-quality cotton, this shirt is sure to please even the pickiest of beer fans.

Price: $14.99

Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Club Subscription


If they love craft beers, why not get them… craft beers? If your friend is always searching for the next obscure beer, then this subscription is perfect. Craft Beer Club searches for a range of microbreweries and send them directly to the home, often from breweries with small distributions, making them likely to be new discoveries for your friends. 

Price: $42 per shipment but can do monthly, quarterly, etc.

Homemade Craft Beer Kit

Help your friend hone their craft (pun intended) and make their own craft beer. With this beer making kit, they'll get all the tools to make a gallon of their own favorite beer. Hopefully they'll share with you (unless it's bad, and then you can politely refuse).  

Price: $56.99

Craft Beer Journal

Craft Beer Journal

After drinking so much beer, everything could start to get fuzzy. Help them remember all the details with this cute and extensive craft beer journal.  

Price: 14.95

Brew Ha Ha! Beer Game

Described as "Cards Against Humanity meets Mad Libs meets BEER" this game is sure to at least provide a few laughs along with your brews. 

Price: 24.99

Personalized Beer Growler

Personalized Beer Growler

Give them something personal to fill up at their favorite microbrewery. Nothing says 'I love craft beer' than their name printed on their own personal growler.

Price: $21.99

Maddy Bryant
Lover of all things craft beer and dogs. Based in Austin, Texas.